GALLERY: Sculpture 

   Our large sculpture represents complex concepts that hopefully elicit reflection and study. The four examples above are diverse and carry with them many of our personal experiences. 

   It was obvious to us when we purchased our property in Arivaca that an alien race had crashed landed here some time ago.

   We unearthed many components that were obviously parts of space ships torn apart on entry into our earth’s system. We looked at these newly discovered parts and saw immediately the relationship to the components we had found in other sites and carried with us for years. The time is right to begin to provide an archeological exploration of left behind objects.

   Why us? Why is it our responsibility to reassemble these found parts into such clearly alien craft? 

Moondog III. From the UNEARTHED series. 18"X12". Found materials. Metal, glass, wood, paint. $450.
Badactor III. Fom the UNEARTHED series. 12X36" Found materials. Metal, glass paint, wood. $450.
Sundog IV. From the UNEARTHED series. Found materials. Wood, glass, metal, paint. $450.
 Survey Party 60" Diameter x 8" deep, blown glass, mesquite, copper, leather, rope. $4500
Conference of the Birds 60" W x 60" H x 6" D, paper,wood, copper, water color, acrylic paint, glass. $3,000.
Santa Cruz 8' H x 5' W x 8" D, fused glass, cir 1900 salvaged redwood corbels, sheet metal, leather. Owned by the Diocese of Tucson
View From My Window 
 32"W x 48"H x 6" D, painted wood, fused glass, paper, ceramic, acrylic paint. Sold.

Bluebirds Arriving Through a Stargate on the Music of the Spheres. 68". Metal, glass, wood, paint. $4,400.
 Survey Party (5' )represents the sectioning up of the "far west" as all of the competing entities came west in the mid to late 1800's. The railroads, the cattlemen and industry partitioned up the land during a time of uncontrolled expansion. The mesquite and datura flowers represent the rebirth after the overgrazing and fencing. The leather, rope, copper, barbed wire, branding and rail spikes represent the pressure endured.
 Inspired by a Sufi legend and poem, Conference of the Birds (6'X6') depicts the arrival of surviving birds to the land beyond the seven realms passed through on the journey. The birds were told of the great god to be found if they embarked on the path only to find a lake and their own reflections.
 Santa Cruz (12'X5') was an exercise in fused glass that grew into an ornate depiction of how the cross symbol is entrenched into so many cultures. Nine fused glass cross vignettes flank a heart shaped center piece. The use of mirror and rich red leather elude to the glorious aspect of our reverence to the symbol. The salvaged redwood corbels in their original form create another cross symbol reverberate from the smaller glass icons. The glory attributed to the icon is represented in the radiating sheet metal corona.
 View from my Window (4.5'X3') looks through a garden towards Baboquivari, the mountain sacred to the Tohono O'odham. A kiln carved glass window fills the frame, while glass flowers wrap around a copper vine outside the window. 

Bluebirds Arriving Through a Stargate on the Music of the Spheres is a 68" portal of aluminum around a paper covered and painted wood centerpiece in the middle of which is a glass knobbed door plate. This allows access via a copper spiral covered with red hearts and white musical for 16 glass bluebirds to enter  this Universe on the music of the spheres.