GALLERY: Icon Art 
24" x 24" x 3". Mixed media. A resin casting of an original  sculpture of the elephant headed god. Inside a copper patina frame on a galvanized metal plate. The work is inside a mirror-lined, hand-crafted shadow box. A metal cap with clavos holds the glass. $1,250.
Espiritu de Amor (Spirit of Love)
24" x 24" x 3" Mixed media. Clear glass heart with a copper flame  on a cross of fused blue, red, clear glass cane on copper screen mounted to mirror framed in copper wire. The piece rests on a copper disc. Hand-crafted, mirror-lined shadow box frame. $1,250.
Tower of God
7" x 22" x 4" Mixed media. Stacked sculpture of Ganesha, Buddha, Star of David, Cross. Constructed of metal, wood, glass, copper wire, paint, resin, foil. $450.
   Our art is evolving as it should. We find a concept almost after we are finished with a materials and fabrication exploration.Often it is exposure to technique that demands the outlet development. We both share a deep underlying need to manifest, and it is the fasteners that entertain us while the object materializes.

   Icon Art is what we call the works that reference symbols that inspire and sustain humanity. Buddha. Ankh. Om. Rose. Cross. Star. Snake. Symbols represent powerful ideas. These are helpful tools invested with the magical energy of millions of beings from time immemorial. They allow us to tap into the universal consciousness that transcends and reshapes reality to access our reservoirs of peace, love, joy, grace, prosperity and health.