GALLERY: Flutter 

Bluebird of Happiness. 10X10". Mixed media: paper, metal, wood, paint. $95.

Bird Song. 8X10". Mixed media: paper, glass, metal paint. $125.

Singing My Song. 8X10". Mixed Media. Sold.

Measuring Up. 11X14". Mixed Media. $70.

Tweet. 10" square. Paper, glass,metal, paint. $65.

Red Wing Blackbird. 9X12". Paint, paper, wood, glass, metal. 

Caw. 9X12". Sold

Crow. 9X12". Paper, paint, bamboo, glass. $70.

Moonset over Dusty Dawn. 9X12". Paper, paint, metal, glass. Sold.
   Our feathered friends provide companionship as well as amusement here in Arivaca, a birding paradise. We are struck by their beauty and creativity. Collages, many of the birds in this series are constructed of hand made paper. Others are watercolor. Most of the work includes metal elements sewn onto the canvas. All include custom frames made in Perinos' Studio.