GALLERY:  Bird Brains
   Part of the Perinos' ritual includes meals on the porch where we watch our abundant bird population. These intriguing creatures are a constant source of entertainment. Our latest series of mixed media collages imagines them in a variety of situations reflecting our culture and the contrasts of the world we all inhabit. The birds play out the farce offering lighthearted and witty statements of our truth.

   Created with excised parts of news and magazine print combined with hand painted parts and found embellishments. Frames and mats are repurposed and found at local resale shops. Quality prints on aluminum are available  on request.
Big Ben. 8X10 .Sold.
Bird Bath. 11X14". Mixed Media. $125.
Birders. 16X20". Mixed Media. Sold.
Cocktails at Six. 11X14". Mixed Media. $125.
Je t'aime Paris. 8X10". Mixed Media. Sold.
Late for Lunch. 16X20" Mixed media. $250.
Looking for Moose and Squirrel. 16X20". Mixed Media. $250.

Lost in Margaritaville. 16X20". Mixed Media. $250.

Off to the Opera 14X19" Mixed media. $200.
Spa. 11X14". Mixed Media. $125.

Trippin'. 16X20". Mixed Media. $250.
What Elephant? 11X14". Mixed Media. $100.
What's for Dinner? 11X14". Mixed Media. $125.

Druid Dreams. 8X10" . $45.

Dream Big. 11X14". $95.

Sleddin'. 16X20". $250.

Sit. 11X14". $125.

Divine Intervention. 11X14". $125.

Rapa Nui. 8X10" . $45.

Taj Mahal. 12X12" Mixed Media. $55.
Machu Pichu. 8X10". Mixed Media. $45.